How to make

Tahure / Fermented Bean Curd

fermented bean curd

Tahure is readily available at the local wet markets and can be bought per piece.  If you have no access to ready made tahure though, you can make your own.


1.  Tofu (bean curd)
2.  Rock salt
3.  Soy sauce  

Tofu / bean curd

picture of tofu tubs from store

Tofu is bean curd.  The local name for it is tokwa.  You will need the firm type tofu to make tahure.  Soft tofu is more suitable for use in soups and some meat dishes.  We discovered this packaged tofu from the local Korean/Japanese store.  Costs a bit more than palengke bought tofu but this keeps longer.  Check the expiration date, keep in the refrigerator and open only when you are about to use.  There may be a slight difference in taste and texture between packaged and fresh tofu from the wet market.  The palengke tokwa has a thicker “skin” and may have a slightly sour taste.

Tofu squares

Cut the tofu about an inch thick.  Then cut into half to make a tofu square.  

cutting the tofu block in preparation for creating tahure
cut tofu squares

Salting the tofu

applying salt to tofu

Cooking is my Waterloo so I asked the help of my sister, Joy.   Here she demonstrated how to salt the tofu squares.  She used about a heaping tablespoon of rock salt and rubbed it on all exposed surface of the tofu.  Do this for the rest of the squares.  Arrange the tofu squares in a container, cover with a lid, and let sit for a day.  You can keep it in the refrigerator or leave outside, not a problem.   

Submerge in soy sauce

soy sauce being poured on the tofu

The next day, pour soy sauce on the tofu squares.  Tofu floats so check the container from the side.  Stop pouring soy sauce when you see the tofu start to rise off the bottom.  The tahure will be ready in five to seven days.  

The finished tahure

Finished Tahure

To lessen the chance of mold growing in the solution, make sure you use clean and dry implements when you fish out the tahure from the container.  Store the untouched tahure in the fridge if not using yet.  It should keep longer.