DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Essentials Set

A set of six 5 ml tubes of artist grade watercolors which includes the following colors:

Hansa Yellow Light
New Gamboge
Quinacridone Rose
Pyrrol Scarlet
Phthalo blue (GS)
French Ultramarine

This is actually a very good starter set.  It provides you with two sets of primary colors:  a warm and a cool version for each of the primary colors.



Each color can be classified either as warm or cool.

This set provides the user with two sets of primary colors:

Warm set:  New Gamboge, Pyrrol Scarlet and Phthalo Blue.

Cool set:  Hansa Yellow Light, Quinacridone Rose, French Ultramarine. 

Colors that gravitate towards yellow or red are warm.  Those leaning towards blue and violet are cool.  Comparing the yellows, you can see that Hansa Yellow Light has a bluish cast to it compared to the orangey one of New Gamboge.  Pyrrol scarlet tends towards orange or yellow compared to Quinacridone Rose which has a more violet or bluish cast to it.  Phthalo Blue (and it does say Green Shade) appears warmer than the French Ultramarine which leans towards violet.

Limited palettes or using very few colors in your palette is a good way to practice your color mixing skills.   You can mix and match and do more than two color wheels from the DS Essentials Set.  

Cool Primary Set
Hansa Yellow Light, Quinacridone Rose and French Ultramarine.

This set is close in color to the primary colors used by computer printers:  lemon yellow, magenta and cyan (cobalt blue).

Creating Secondary Colors

Orange, green and violet can each be produced by mixing two primary colors together.

Hansa Yellow Light and Quinacridone Rose produced a bright orange.

French Ultramarine and Hansa Yellow Light produced a brilliant green.

Quinacridone Rose and French Ultramarine produced a bright violet.