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Hibiscus Serries
watercolor on paper
30 x 40 cm / 12 x 16 inches


Watercolor Salon II, Thessaloniki Greece, 9 Nov - 14 Dec 2017. Photograph by Ali Abbas Syed

A very heartfelt thank you to George Politis, organizer of the Watercolor Salon II held in Thessaloniki Greece, for the chance to be part of this exhibition.  Participated by over 120 top watercolor artists from around the world, it is an honor to be invited.  Exhibits runs from November 9 to December 14, 2017.

Opening reception was on the evening of November 9.

Highlights of the event include watercolor demonstrations by Master Artists:  Natalia Studenkova, Ali Abbas Syed, and Rathin Kanji.

Catalog, Watercolor Salon II
Sandor Szikszai
Ali Abbas Syed & Natalia Studenkova
George Politis
Photo by Ali Abbas Syed